JABSCO Pressure Pump 2.9 - 12V 11.0LPM 40PSI

Tax included.

Par Max 2.9' pressure-controlled pump

12V d.c.

  • Connections: for 13mm (½”) bore hose or Hep20 push-fit connectors CW193
  • Dimensions: 230mm long, 152mm wide, 110mm high
  • Fuse Size: 10 amp
  • Maximum Current: 4.4 amp 12V
  • Output: 11 litres/minute (2.4 gallons/minute) open flow
  • Packaged Dimensions: L:17.00 x H:11.00 x W:34.00cm
  • Actual Weight: 1.80 Kg (Approx. 2.30 Kg packed)

    PRESSURE SWITCH - cuts in at 1.4bar (20psi) - cuts out at 2.7bar (40psi)

    Efficient, high-flow, self-priming pump serving 2 or more outlets

    Multi-diaphragm design self primes to 1.8m vertical lift, can run dry without damage

    Supplied with snap-in ports for hose or Hep20 connectors

    Quiet running

    Motor protected by automatic thermal overload cut-out

    Includes bypass feature to provide smooth, quiet flow. No need for accumulator tank