Anchor Swivel for 6-8mm Chain

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Anchor Swivel for 6-8mm Chain

Suits 8kg - 15kg Anchors

Rated to:

1900 lbs / 850 kgs - Working Load

5500 lbs / 2500kg - Maximum Load

The oval shaped joint allows perfect sliding of anchor through the bow roller with no risk of damaging the components. Each unit is quality tested and with stamped specifications.

Anchor swivels are designed to avoid twist on the chain/rope when launching the anchor. Tidal anchorages allow vessels to rotate around the anchor and create a situation where the chain or rope twists. The anchor may come up sideways or upside-down, and may get caught and obstruct on the bow roller. Anchor swivels prevent this.

Installing the swivel directly on to the shank of an anchor is not recommended as they are not designed for lateral loads. Installing inline with a few links of chain between the anchor and the swivel is good practice.