Teleflex Morse 30 Series Clamp Push-Pull Control Cable (33C)

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Length: 3ft

Please choose length required from list below - Cable length is measured from tip to tip

Clamp fitting style at both ends

A complete range of control cables to suit all inboard and outboard applications available in “standard”, “midrange”, and “supreme” styles. Corrosion resistant construction and high efficiency set the standard for extended use over many years.

• Fits directly into Teleflex controls and all controls that accept universal type cables
• Stainless steel end fittings, 10-32 UNF threads
• Nominal 75mm travel
• Stainless steel Lubri-core™ solid core wire
• 200mm minimum bend radius
• Wire strand reinforced outer jacket
• Suits stern drives, inboards and outboards

Some cable lengths may need to be made. We will advise if there is a delay in delivery upon order. Alternatively, please email or give us a call to find out availability of desired length. Also, cables may be substituted for a different brand of equal or better quality if ordered cable is not available.

Length: 3ft