Teak Wonder

Teak Cleaner 4L Teak Wonder

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Teak Wonder leaves the deck looking like ‘new’. Applying the two products contained in each bottle one after the other washes away the grey colour that has accumulated in the wood only to rediscover the splendid golden colour that new or just sanded teak possesses. All in a few minutes and without removing millimetres of precious wood from the deck, as occurs during sanding. Neither of these two liquids is aggressive or caustic and therefore does not damage rubber, paint or stainless steel fittings. An incredible way of saving time and effort. Teak Wonder Brightener does not always have to be applied, however, using it on teak just washed with Teak Wonder Cleaner when it is rather dark, is a miraculous sight: it immediately acquires that just sanded colour’ (quote from ‘Practical Sailor’).

The video below provides an excellent tutorial for application of Teak Wonder.