Shower sump pump system

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Shower Sump System for RV or Marine

Compact Shower Sump System with multiple inlets.

Designed especially for use on boats and RV's with a built-in sink and shower. The LSU 600 will pump all water out of the drain and into a raised tank or overboard. It is compact and can be mounted either against the floor or against the walls, in which case the two legs can be cut off. It consists of a lint grill, a built-in automatic bilge pump that will start operating as soon as the float switch senses water.

The lint filter can be easily serviced by removing the top transparent cover and a non-return valve at the outlet hose. The LSU 600 case is constructed from resistant polypropylene and the lid from acrylic.

The LSU 600 System has 3 inlet hoses (2 of 19.1mm (3/4”) and 1 of 25.4mm (1”)) and 1 outlet hose with non-return valve for hose of 19,1 (3/4”) and 25,4mm (1”) in diameter.

  • Compact size: 195mm (w) x 195mm (l) x 100mm (h)
  • 12v automatic pump
  • Easy clean lint filter
  • Automatic On/Off sensor
  • 600 GPH pump