Ronstan RF6 Small Swivelling Mainsheet Cam Unit

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Small Swivelling Mainsheet Cam Unit


  • Ball bearings support the cleat arm. An integral stop prevents over rotation, but can be removed to allow full 360° rotation.
  • The cleating angle can be set in one of two positions - use the included riser kit for a higher cleating angle.
  • A switchable ratchet in the base allows the cleat arm to remain in its most recently used position. The ratchet can be turned off for free swivelling.
  • Includes small C-Cleat™ cam cleat and fairlead, suitable for line sizes 2-8mm (3/31 - 5/15") dia.

    M.W.L. - 125 kg

    B. L. - 250 kg

    Weight - 210 g