Railblaza StarPort - Rail mount 32mm

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Colour: Black

The StarPort RailMount32 Combo is specifically designed for both circular AND square 32 mm (1.25 in) rails, bringing them StarPort versatility and purpose.

It comes with rubberised inserts to reduce longitudinal slippage on both types of rails, as well as rotational slippage on circular rails. For extra support, an anchoring screw can be added to stop the assembly from rotating.

Once installed with a StarPort receiver, the entire StarPort range of accessories can be attached to your rail, including baitboards, rod holders, G-Holds, hooks, CupClams and many more. Naturally, once you've finished with one accessory, you can retask your StarPort with a different one quickly and easily.

The StarPort RailMount32 Combo is sold in singles with a StarPort receiver.

What You Get: - 1 x RailMount32 kit inc. spacers, grips x2, spacers x2, 12-gauge self-tapping screws x4, 8-gauge x1 securing screw; StarPort mount, gasket + bung, 10-gauge self-tapping mounting screws x2

Colour: Black