Pretech Maxflex Pinnacle Cable Push Pull Clamp

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Size: 2.00m

These cables are a zero friction type cable which have a different core than standard original 33C and C8 type cables but have the same travel and rod ends.

The Pinnacle cable makes gear shift and throttle engagement that much smoother.

Interchangeable with Teleflex Extreme, Supreme & Standard, 33C Morse, Ultraflex, MACHZero and TSK cables.


  • Revolutionary grooved liner design giving minimum contact with the core
  • Unique core design to minimise lost movement
  • Durable UV resistant HDPE outer casing resistant to saltwater, chemicals, petrol and oil
  • All stainless steel end fittings
  • High efficiency with smooth operation


  • Length is measured tip to tip
  • Travel 3" (75mm)
  • Thread 10/32"

Size: 2.00m