Norski Epoxy Timber Sealer

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Volume: 500ml


Our Norski Epoxy Timber Sealer is a two-part penetrating solution which is your 'go to' for rotten or degraded timber. This product is full of solvent which allows the 1:1 mixed solution to soak into timber of any sort and create an epoxyhard coating that will arrest mould, rot and fungus. This is available in a range of sizes starting from 500ml to suit your needs. Keep applying the mixed solution in 15-20 minute intervals until you see it appear glossy, that's when the seal has occurred. Then fill with any filler and paint with either acrylic or enamel paint.

Ideal for those places where it's too difficult to replace the timber

Can be painted directly over if desired

The solvents in Timber Sealer will darken the appearance of any timber

Volume: 500ml