Marine Protection Systems Stainless Steel Shaft Grounding Strap

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Electrolysis Protection | MPS SHAFT GROUNDING STRAP

The new improved MPS shaft strap delivers perfect protection to shafts and props due to being in contact with 1/2 the shaft at all times. They also greatly reduce running vibrations through removal of shaft anodes.

The most effective method of protecting shafts and propellers, the proven Shaft Strap can be installed on all hull types either when in the water or out of it and is available in convenient sizes that fits 1, 2, 3 or 4" Shafts, Braid Strap Length 330mm

The Shaft Strap provides increased performance by making a much broader electrical connection to the shaft preventing serious corrosion problems including oxidization and reduction of metal on propellers and pitting on shafts.

Unlike traditional carbon brushes that can glaze over between the brush and the shaft over time, the Shaft Strap is in constant electrical contact with over 1/2 the circumference of the propeller shaft preventing corrosion and reducing drive-line vibration. Over 500hrs of rigorous testing proves that the Shaft Strap provides continuous, non diminishing protection to shafts and propellers.