ATL Schumacher SL1489 Lithium Jump Pack 1500 Peak Amps

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With 1500 peak amps, the SL1489 jump starter is perfect for 8.0L gas and 6.0L diesel engines. It delivers superior jump starting performance, due to its advanced 4-cell lithium technology. It will get you started, even at temperatures as low as -10° F.

  • Pre-Boost technology for ultimate cold temperature starting
  • Worry-Free Smart Clamp—provides protection with 6 safety features
  • 40x Jump Starts
  • 10W wireless charging
  • 2.4A USB Port—2X faster charging
  • 3.0A USB port—4X faster charging
  • Built-In Light—3 mode ultra-bright LED light
  • Extra-large display
  • Schu Eco Energy—meets the highest industry standards for energy efficiency