Andersen Self-Tailing Manual Winches - Full S/S - 28ST 2-spd

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Full Stainless Self-Tailing

Full Stainless – Beyond Good Looks

We have developed an entirely stainless winch. This is a prerequisite for the yachtsman who places honor in making his yacht look its best. ANDERSEN Full Stainless© is beauty at work, enhancing the unique image of your boat and the sheer pleasure of beholding it. A synthetic cap and base are replaced with stainless steel parts, transforming the winch into an aesthetic statement. 

  • Drum "D" (mm) - 70
  • Base "B" (mm) - 125
  • Height "H" (mm) - 151
  • Line entry "L" (mm) - 65
  • Line size (mm) - 8-14
  • Weight (kg) - 4.1
  • Gear Ratio 1st speed - 1.3:1
  • Gear Ratio 2nd speed - 3.7:1
  • Power Ratio 1st speed - 9.5:1
  • Power Ratio 2nd speed - 26.5:1

Note: This is a special order item and is not held in stock in the show room. It will take extra days to be sent out