Andersen Classic Standard Winch - 18 2-spd

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Standard Winches

Uncompromising Quality

Small yachts need quality winches just as much as large yachts. The crews of small yachts also need to economize on manpower, and there is a need for positive sheet adjustment. Uncompromising quality is an ANDERSEN Winches© hallmark that starts with standard winches. Manufactured in stainless steel, these all feature the Power Rib© to facilitate winching under all conditions and circumstances.

  • Drum "D" (mm) - 60
  • Base "B" (mm) - 114
  • Height "H" (mm) - 110
  • Line entry "L" (mm) - 45
  • Weight (kg) - 2.6
  • Gear Ratio 1st speed - 1.0:1
  • Gear Ratio 2nd speed - 2.1:1
  • Power Ratio 1st speed - 8.3:1
  • Power Ratio 2nd speed - 17.4:1

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