Ezy Lift

Anchor Ezy Lift Retrieval Clip

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Size: 10mm


Say goodbye to back pain and sore hands that can be caused from pulling up heavy anchors and chain from the bottom.

Pulling up anchors is never enjoyable - it's always the time you find out about your crew's chronic back problem or arthritis.

With the EZY LIFT ANCHOR CLIP you use the power of the boat along with the buoyancy and drag of a float buoy in the water to bring that heavy anchor to the surface automatically - it's that simple

Please select your anchor rope size from the list at the bottom of the page before ordering

  • Made in Australia from durable, high quality stainless steel
  • Helps stop back strain & sore hands
  • Especially suitable for people with arthritis or chronic back problems
  • Suits all types of anchors
  • No anchor winch required
  • Eliminates the danger of standing up in small craft
  • Saves your back, time & money

    The EZY LIFT ANCHOR CLIP is Australian made and invented and has many years of proven operation on thousands of boats throughout Australia & overseas. It is made of robust, durable stainless steel and comes in two sizes to suit rope from 8-14mm.

    The EZY LIFT CLIP can be used on powered craft up to approx. 40 feet in length and on all types of anchors.

    The clip can be purchased on its own or supplied spliced to the buoy with 12mm Dia. silver rope. If you purchase the clip on its own and use your own buoy you must securely attach the buoy with rope 300mm from the clip and be certain that the buoy is of sufficient size to easily support your anchor and chain on the water surface.

    1.Once the anchor is firmly set, simply attach the clip (with buoy attached by rope to the clip) to the anchor rope any distance from the boat.

    2.When you are ready to leave the anchorage, simply motor towards the buoy and pass it on either the I port or starboard side.

    3. Run past the buoy at 6-8 knots. This will cause the anchor to rise to the surface through the special one-way Ezy Lift clip due to friction / drag and the inherent buoyancy of the float buoy.

    4. When the anchor has risen to the surface the buoy will begin to bob and plane along the surface of the water.

    5.. At this point slowly motor back towards the buoy retrieving the loose rope as you go - and being careful not to entangle the rope in the prop. The EZY LIFT CLIP will not allow the anchor to drop down as the clip will only allow the rope to pass in one direction.

    Now simply lift out the buoy and anchor in one easy motion. Simple - and easy on the back!

  • Size: 10mm